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House Clearance Wakefield Pontefract Castleford

House Clearance FAQ’s

Clearing a property can be hard work and time consuming, often under difficult circumstances!


How Does it Work?

Q. Do we pay you or you pay us?

A. We pay for items that are of saleable value to us - Modern quality furniture, collectable 70's retro, ercol, gplan, pine farmhouse style furniture, Cookers, washing machines, fridge freezers, clean beds, bedroom furniture and more... pots, pans

We charge for things that are not, if this is required.

Q. Can you lift and remove carpets?

A. Yes, it’s not a problem to remove and dispose of old carpeting.

Q. Can you remove just a single item?

A. Yes, no problem!

Q. Are you licenced and registered to carry waste?

A. Yes, we are. Our registered waste carriers licence number is CB/ZM3885SM

Q. What happens to the items?

A. Most of the items we buy are sold in our shop or traded on to other dealers.The rest is recycled or taken to waste disposal.

Q. Do you buy antiques?

A. Yes, we have bought and sold antiques since 1986.

Q. Do you clear flats?

A. Yes we do.

Q. Can you remove pianos?

A. Yes...its not something we enjoy doing.we charge for this service £75 for an upright.

Q. Can you clear the property without us been there?

A. Yes we can, we can collect keys from family, neighbours, solicitors or estate agents and call you with a fixed quote before work commences.

Q. The fridge/freezer is still full, can you dispose of food stuffs?

A. Yes we can, we do this regularly.

Q. The house is just full of rubbish, can you clear it?

A. Yes, depending on the quantity and actual items will reflect in the cost, this is based simply on the cost to us of disposing of the items and our time.

Q. There are items in the property that family members want to keep, can you work around this?

A. Yes, just put stickers on them or put them to 1 side of a room.

Q How quickly can you clear a house?

A. I can usually evaluate a property on the same day and sometimes clear there and then. Most properties can be cleared in a couple of hours after arriving with the luton van.It all depends on how busy I am etc, but most are happy to clear a few days after the initial phone call.

Q. Can you give us a quote over the phone?

A. Photgraphs can be helpful, I can tell you whether the items are something I would be happy to buy or would charge to remove

Q. Do you pay in cash?

A. We usually pay cash, but if your abscent I usually send photos of completed work and a bank transfer.Other methods can be used, cheque, paypal etc.

If you are making a special trip out, please contact me 1st as I often have to bob out on calls and frequently close the shop.
you can contact me on 01924 200006 or 07766338309.
a lot of people also contact us through social media
please read our other pages or check out reviews, we've been in business since 1986.


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